Things I've made.

A list of projects I've worked on.

  • Logo of Streamliter

    Create, save and deploy Streamlit apps in the browser. No local setup required. No installations required.

  • Logo of Join the DJ

    DJ song suggestion platform. Users can suggest songs to be played at a party. The DJ can see the suggestions and see some stats about the party.

  • Logo of Debtors

    Streamlining Access to Portuguese Tax Authority Debtors Data. Scraper + frontend tool to easily access the data, with filtering, search and export functionality

  • Logo of Neckie

    E-commerce platform for neckie - a neck warmer.

  • Logo of Mussoc

    CMS (Content Management System) platform for MUSSOC - a portuguese health (and mental health) non-profit association.

  • Logo of IPS Grow reporting tool

    Platform built to monitor progress for Individual Placement and Support (IPS) across the UK. I worked on it as a software engineer at Social Finance.

  • Logo of Remote Simulator from Portugal

    Tool to help estimate the net income and taxes to pay when working remotely from Portugal.

  • Logo of Recursos Hídricos

    Recursos Hídricos is an API to access SNIRH data (national water resources system) including the different networks, stations and parameters available in a standard format.

  • Logo of VLC Remote Control

    A web-based remote control interface for VLC media player. Watch a movie on your computer from your couch and control it with your phone.

  • Logo of Bereal Telegram Bot

    A reminder bot to share a picture with your chat everyday at a random time. Heavily inspired by the bereal app.